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Introducing OggFlow Customer Engagement Suite

- Customizable Live Chat Widget and API
- Email & Support Ticketing, Goals Tracking
- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Gmail
- Conversations all managed by your Team
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Introducing OggFlow Customer Service Suite

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OggFlow brings together Live Chat, Support Ticketing, Social Network Feeds, Team and Individual Objectives and Key Reults (OKRs) into one simple solution for your support organization. Simple to set up, and a breeze to use, it will help boost customer satisfaction, increase sales, and improve team performance.

Add Free Live Chat to Your Website Today

Want to try OggFlow? Start by adding our web-based live chat system to your website, blog, or application. If you are using wordpress, connect with our plugin. It's the same live chat widget you see here at the bottom of our page. You can create projects, trouble tickets, and Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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Live Chat & Ticketing

When a customer needs help, OggFlow offers support ticketing through any channel.

  • With just a few clicks, OggFlow lets you set up a beautiful, customizable live chat widget that feeds right into OggFlow. So, when people need help on your website, they can just click on the chat widget and start a one-on-one conversation with agents or team members.
  • OggFlow let's you create and assign actions and tickets from inbound email, live chats, and social media posts.

Social Media Integration

Want a smoother social media workflow? OggFlow lets you listen and respond to all social media from one page.

  • Setup Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail connectors so that your team has one dashboard to view all company related communication on one page.
  • Customers can communicate with you when and how they want at any time through live chat, email, and social media.
Team Collaboration

When your team communication isn’t as streamlined as it could be...

  • Oggflow gives your teams a real-time view into projects, tasks, and workflows. Project posts and team activity appear as they happen.
  • Post comments, files and documents directly to projects. Assign tasks to members, view full conversation histories and audit trails of actions.
  • Invite internal team members or external customers or partners to collaborate on any project.
  • Get a WHOLE view of what’s happening in the organization, so tasks and to-do’s don’t get lost in the shuffle.

It's collaboration like you've never seen before.

Connectors and 3rd Party Integrations

A new technology for the modern workplace.

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  • OggFlow Connectors are integrations with external sources including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The Connector technology can be used to update project stake holders on the status of business milestones from external CRM solutions like

  • Once someone posts on your social network page or sends you an email, the OggFlow Connector adds this post to the related project – alerting the entire team

  • Team members can reply to posts and emails right within OggFlow.

  • A post from an external “@ reply” on Twitter will include links to re-tweet or reply to the tweet; the Twitter post also includes a link to add a task related to the tweet, attach an item, or comment internally.



$ 0 /month

1 Member

One Website Live Chat Widget

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)


Google Mail Integration Manage your Google mail support mailbox conversations and respond.

Facebook Page Integration See your Facebook Page conversations and respond.

Twitter Mentions Integration See your Twitter conversations and respond.

Hangouts Chat Integration See your live text chats right in Google Hangouts

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$ 15 /month

Everything in Free PLUS:

3 Team Members

Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Widgets

Custom Branded Live Chat

Plus Live Chat Support

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10 Team Members

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